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Installers of renewable energy in the Falkirk area will need to be aware of changing policy surrounding heat decarbonisation and the increase in business it will bring. This could be at a very large scale considering new legislation stating gas boilers should not be installed in new build homes by 2024.


The aim of this strategy is to decarbonise and move heating and electricity away from oil and gas. This in turn will put more pressure on the electricity grid. As an energy provider you will need to be aware of this shift away from fossil fuels. It will be important for the grid to have green electricity to ensure maximum decarbonisation.

What can the Council do?

As a local authority, Falkirk Council will liaise with energy suppliers to make them aware of any large scale projects that could impact on the electricity grid.

What can you do?

As an energy supplier, it will be essential to ensure the grid is capable of a possible increase in electricity usage, especially at peak times.
The Scottish Government has announced proposed regulations outlining that as of 2024 new homes will not have gas boilers installed, therefore an alternative will be required.
Heat networks, heat pumps and biomass are all options for decarbonisation, all of which will require a degree of grid electricity.
As a renewable energy installer you should be aware of the upcoming legislation and the relevant dates that will impact on your business. Being proactive and planning for increased demands will lead to a smooth transition towards net zero.
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