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If a business owns a property, then the business will be encouraged apply energy efficiency measures. Consumers will become more aware of what business are doing to improve their carbon footprint, therefore the business will see savings from energy efficiency improvements along with increased consumer loyalty.


People will become more aware of what businesses are doing to improve their carbon footprint and will become more inclined to engage with businesses following ‘environmental practices. 

If the business owns a property then talk will form around fabric improvements and ways to move away from gas. If relevant, heat networks, electric heat and heat pumps could be considered. Measures taken will depend on the type of business and the level of heat demand, therefore a large business should consider if they have a degree of waste heat and if this could be utilised to serve the community surrounding them

What can businesses do?

Large business owners will be encouraged to get an audit of their property to assess what action can be taken.
The fabric of the building should be improved, such as insulation of the walls, roof and floor and window glazing improvements.

If the building is heated by gas, alternatives should be considered including heat pumps, biomass or electric (Heat pumps - Energy Saving Trust). 


Renewable energy will be of added benefit as this could help offset costs of low carbon heat including solar PV, and solar water heating with the inclusion of battery storage (Generating renewable electricity - Energy Saving Trust).

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