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Around 21% of the UK’s carbon emissions come from our homes, therefore as a tenant, you will be encouraged to carry out energy efficiency practices within the home to reduce overall energy consumption. These actions will result in the property being warmer and more comfortable along with a reduction in energy bills.


As a renter, you will be encouraged to undertake energy efficiency practices within the home. Learn how, below. It will be beneficial to be aware of your rights as a renter and ensure your landlord is abiding by the minimum EPC  standards - Supporting documents - The Energy Efficiency (Private Rented Property) (Scotland) regulations 2020: BRIA - ( If you are a social tenant, the Local Authority or Housing Association will be in control of any physical improvements within the property. However, the application of energy savings techniques within the home can assist in reducing energy consumption and lowering energy bills.  

What can you do? 

If you are a private or social tenant, it will be up to the Landlord, Housing Association or Local Authority to make physical changes to the property.

It is recommended to contact Home Energy Scotland to discuss improvement options and potential funding for private renters. Home Energy Scotland will be able to provide you with hints and tips to reduce energy consumption from behavior changes you can make within the home.  


For social tenants; Actioning energy efficiency techniques to help save energy around the home will lead to a reduction in energy consumption Quick tips to save energy at home - Energy Saving Trust

Support & funding advice


Home Energy Scotland Home - Home Energy Scotland 


Warmer Homes Scotland. Installation of energy-efficient boilers combined with thermostatic heating controls, air sources heat pumps, solar PV, loft  and cavity insulation (means tested) Warmer Homes Scotland - Home Energy Scotland  

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